Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Foreign net buying, the won / dollar exchange rate closed

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] had tried closing down force such as the won / dollar exchange rate foreign stock buying.

26 days the won / dollar rate in the foreign exchange market in Seoul ended a chapter down 0.3 won from the previous trading day closing price 1125.1 won. The won / dollar exchange rate has been falling since the reverse remodeling, but in 1127 won rose 1.6 won.

In risky assets favor an atmosphere point of foreign investment funds en masse in Moline day the stock market acted as a strong won factors. Thanks to the net buying by foreign investors exceeded the solemn day, the KOSPI had 2200 lines, finished trading at 10.99 points (0.50%) Right 2207.84 from the previous trading day.

The day before the North Korea risk that nuclear testing, missile provocation factor instead of the weak won a provocation because weakness in the level of thermal training at KPA founded one is interpreted as a slight relief.

This week in the foreign exchange market issues is the UN Security Council ministerial meeting for 26 to 27 Japan monetary policy meeting, the 28th North countermeasures of the central bank (BOJ) and the European Central Bank (ECB).

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