Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Growth in demand nationwide unsold quantity, development and doors

There have been noted [Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] unsold volumes in this area has been significantly reduced. The region had greatly increased the demand increases due to expectations developed good news.

The result of the past year The largest decrease in unsold real-Today looked into the national unsold homes through the Ministry of Land Resources is a game Gimpo. In March 1952, households last year reduced to 153 households in February of this year declined a total of 1,799 households. 1,292 households decreased Incheon West and 1160 households decreased economic Paju is followed.

Only recently have concerns about oversupply and keotji unsold pre-sale at the new market, the number of unsold of the region has been significantly reduced thanks to the price factor is expected to attract end-users and the development of good news competitiveness.

In fact, the decrease in the number of unsold game Gimpo in the country next year will be significantly improved commuting conditions to Seoul Gimpo apdwo the opening of a railway linking the city with direct Seoul and Gimpo. Paju and Goyang two GTX development plan also led to the final sale price to the actual demand of Seoul jeonsetgap level.

The local Gimhae were many unsold reduction in Changwon, Jinhae nine - were also selected as Ungdong Jiang indeda road is expected opening in 2019 near Changwon and cheap sale price compared to Busan Gimhae linking the consumer.

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