Wednesday, April 26, 2017

SK Engineering & Construction, Doosan Heavy · ㈜ development, sets out the hydrogen power projects

The three companies, including [South Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] SK Construction, heavy development, ㈜ Doosan sets out in hydrogen power projects.

3 company announced on the 26th that it signed a memorandum of understanding for the development of hydrogen fuel cell project that the by-product hydrogen as a fuel. Its business is the development proposal-type business, we invested a total project cost 110 billion won, Construction ∙ operating a fuel cell power plant generating capacity of 20MW scale.

SK Engineering & Construction Plant Ltd, Central Development is responsible for purchasing and operating renewable energy power stations supplied certificates (REC), Doosan will supply fuel cell modules and long-term maintenance services. Three companies are all owned capital to participate in the main scan.

This project is in the country to apply for a new generation technology that uses low-purity hydrogen by-product is not commercially available in case the power generation fuel. Meanwhile, the hydrogen fuel cell power generation is the most we've modified the natural gas used as a fuel by using the byproduct hydrogen as a fuel is expected to reduce investment costs as well as higher power generation efficiency effects because it does not need a natural gas reforming process. Carbon dioxide is environmentally friendly development is possible without harmful emissions.

SK E & C has been approved in the second half of the power plant projects coming enters the construction demonstration project in this year's plans. Commercial operation is scheduled for 2019 words.

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