Monday, April 24, 2017

Lotte Department Store, Shop Assistant Robot 'elbot' introduction

The [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] shopping assistant robot to Lotte Department Store and appeared "elbot.

Lotte Department Store said that the introduction of robotic shopping assistant "elbot" in Sogong headquarters from 25 days. In the future, it plans to add artificial intelligence (AI) -based chat features to enable conversations with customers.

"Elbot 'will offer a variety of services to guide customers through talking animated feature. First, it provides services to the Victor Hugo, bake Ops (OPS), including recommendations to the famous F & B customers shop located in the main office and more. Also gives an introduction How to use the services of a typical omni-channel, 3D virtual fitting service and pick-up desk with Lotte Department Store.

Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese and provide a service that is connected to an available agent. Complex gotta want specific instructions or service the customer wants to receive foreign language interpretation services are linked to the employee and the video with a simple touch it is possible to interpret.

Lotte 'elbot "the department headquarters B1 example is written pickup Desk, omni-channel configuration zone with 3D virtual fitting service. When you are able to purchase a Put the clothes through the 3D virtual fitting service within the second half of the year and back in future receive instructions elbot from one place to try more than five clothes in 10 seconds through a 3D virtual fitting service ordered goods to your mobile it is possible to go to on the pick-up desk.

Gimmyeonggu Lotte Omni Channel Senior Vice is an advantage of the "new fun and easy guide introduces the robotic shopping assistant first in the industry to provide services to customers" and "information and communication technologies in to add a new fun to the shopping next (ICT) plans to develop and deliver a variety of services, "he said.

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