Monday, April 24, 2017

Meritz Securities Investment Bank, the first quarter exceeded 100 billion won pretax profit

Announced on the 24th that [South Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Meritz Securities Yang (CEO choehuimun) is achieved in the first quarter (January-March) pretax profit 106.1 billion won and net profit of 80.855 billion won. Pre-tax profit and net profit have increased respectively by 53.2% and 61% YoY. Pre-tax profit in the fourth quarter bihaeseodo is increasing 52.5% and net income increased by 40.7%. Operating profit recorded a year earlier compared with a rise by 43.8% and 43.4% QoQ to 97.8 billion won, respectively.

It Meritz Investment Bank Securities is beyond the reference quarter net profit 80 billion won for only the second quarter of last year, after more than nine months. In only one quarter the size of this year net profit results beat the best since its establishment. Over the past three months and year annualized net profit to equity capital by equity (ROE) is calculated earned totaled 17.2%.

Strengths Areas of real estate corporate banking (IB) division and trading division of Meritz Securities Yang drove the improved first quarter results.

In the corporate banking sector it had slowed the fourth quarter of last year, despite the traditionally slow season and suspended one after another successful quarter, while a large deal greatly increased the profit. Trading division in the first quarter, including a stock dividend arbitrage and QoQ profit nearly doubled as interest rate-related trading leverage increased.

Typically for large companies it is usually the by-and-hold trading strategy. Meritz Investment Bank Securities is different. In line with financial market conditions change is a way of leveraging the appropriate investment opportunities accordingly. For example last year's fourth quarter as large companies that operate in the sector Despite the massive losses in US interest rates aftermath Meritz has figured the profit rate spread volatility investment strategies The company said.

Meritz Investment Bank Securities said, "Meritz the IB and trading, including all business to recruit qualified personnel in a permanent enemies sector in addition to new mounting a variety of revenue sources" and "corporate sales and retail, including other business units in the solid of a similar level as usual there was a performance, "he explained.

Io "As Meritz capital acquisition process is finished in April since the second quarter added up to a 100% subsidiary of Meritz Capital performance," he added.

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