Monday, April 24, 2017

MTS SK Securities frequency and Samsung Pass iris authentication "service launched

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] SK Securities has announced the iris authentication services to its MTS 'frequencies, according to the SEC and entered into a technology agreement and S8 · Galaxy Galaxy S8 + release.

This will enable customers to take advantage of the iris if the iris authentication service using the information registered with the Samsung path instead of a complex certification process simple login and equity transactions, including transfers and safe financial transactions. Samsung pass refers to a biometric authentication service that Samsung simply and securely identify you as biometric data such as iris.

SK Securities official said, "last year's NFC (near field communication) check card has been followed by authentication and fingerprint authentication to quickly introduce the iris authentication through, one step to the securities to the future, leading to a pin-tech through the development of technology for the customer's needs prior nagagetda "he said.

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