Thursday, April 6, 2017

Our Home Edition raise overseas ... Established local subsidiary in Vietnam

Strengthen the [South Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Global Business is Our Home territorial worked on a full-fledged overseas markets jumped deulmyeo China catering market in 2010 in Vietnam.

Our Home has announced the full entry the Vietnamese feed market is emerging as the 'China Post' established its first subsidiary in Vietnam, Hai Phong five days. Following China's two aims of the Our Home is to achieve overseas sales of 150 billion won in the first foreign market entry Sanya foothold in Vietnam by 2020.

Our Home parties are "Vietnamese rice, equipped to the expression cultures of the stock population of 94 million people strong internal market," it "engaged aggressive overseas companies to attract policies than China significantly lower labor costs and government emerged as the Blue Ocean Market "he said.

Our Home is located in Haiphong, Vietnam chose the first Giro northeast of incorporation after a local market survey late last year. Haiphong is kkophimyeo was designated as a special economic zone in Vietnam 3 city with Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh growth potential is evaluated as very high.

Our Home is expected to do the localization power to develop a menu that reflects the Vietnamese food culture. In addition, each core sector professionals such as cooking, hygiene, menu and service for business early seating also plans to regularly dispatched to the site.

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