Thursday, April 6, 2017

KB Financial Group, a bank, securities About operating assets exceeded 1 trillion won

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] KB Financial Group announced on the 5th that topped the sales of bank assets, securities About 1 trillion won by the end of March last.

About Sales to visit Iran securities branch customers About bank to open an account means to subscribe to securities products such as stocks, bonds, ELS, funds. According to KB Financial Group is "to exceed one million in the last year, the store introduced sales of securities 924 600 000 000 3 months'.

KB Financial Group is continually matching the total of 112 securities shops and bank branches composite stores established an IPS (Investment Product & Service) organization Mirror of banks and securities after integration brokers inaugurated the headquarters and 30 Asset Management (WM) as a key stronghold come.

IPS headquarters is supplying specialized products Medium risk, the median earnings for the bank customers who need low interest rates to pursue a more protracted in deposit interest income.

KB Financial Group official said, "The Complex shop is popular for overseas fund association browse tough CLN (credit linked notes) as the principal product structure guarantees from banks DLB (derivative-linked bonds), private equity real estate fund is high.

Also showcased it is also 'KB Financial Group STAR WM advisors' launched recently, ultra high-income celebrities and athletes such as the profession of specialized asset management services 'The OWN CLUB'.

In addition, there are House View Asset Management Gulf KB. KB Financial Group, the House View of the existing securities dwaetdamyeon limited to such domestic market and investment strategy, KB has established a Group-wide the WM House View for Global Research division overseas, alternative investments and strengthen the global asset allocation strategy, "he explained did.

KB Financial Group official said, "We will try to help KB to 30 million customers by concentrating the competencies such as banking, securities and asset management subsidiaries to provide the best asset management services.

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