Thursday, April 6, 2017

Maeil Dairy Seoul Milk sales advanced tricks

It was to give [financial newspaper sinmijin Korea News] Seoul milk over the top spot in sales in one day inherit founded in 80 years. But every day when the oil industry and the distance of the inheritance, except for the distant affiliate sales, oil industry leader is still found to be in Seoul milk.

According to the 4th Financial Supervisory Service Maeil Dairy 1.6347 trillion won last year (consolidated), Seoul Milk had revenues of 1.6037 trillion won. In this place, only preceded daily turnover of about 31 billion won inheritance than Seoul milk.

Daily Maeil Dairy Milk, Dairy etc. Absolute-down ranch-related business revenue was 1.052 trillion won in aggregate approximately 65% ​​of total sales. The remaining sales accounted Baby & Child clothes and other projects.

Maeil Dairy has got all the 14 affiliates, in addition to the zero-to-Seven oil industry △ △ △ daily Les baengdeu emjeu seed. ‧ sell it operates, such as children's clothing, cosmetics, wine, and are scrambling to Paul Bassett through business diversification.

‧ milk yogurt and dairy-related revenues in Seoul milk accounts for approximately 85% of total revenue 1.3941 trillion won. In comparison, only dairy sales and Seoul Milk is still maintained the lead.

Maeil Dairy said, "FSS compared only the total turnover described in the disclosure document not earlier than Seoul Milk is a fact," said, "I will strive to further grow in the dairy sector," he said.

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