Thursday, April 6, 2017

Samsung Card, SC First Bank affiliate of the 1st anniversary event

We [South Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter Samsung Card will celebrate the first anniversary of a comprehensive business alliance with SC First Bank to proceed with the event to provide a variety of benefits to May 31.

After the application of a simple quiz answers in Samsung Card's Main Event mathigo summing the lump sum and installment in Samsung Card during the event it offers prizes to a total of 1,111 guests through a lottery With more than 10 million.

Prize is one such one person to the Samsung QLED TV, 2 to 10 people, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, 3, etc. 1,100 people have Starbucks iced Americano 1 cup of mobile gift certificates.

In addition, when the Member of entry in the event of payment products companies affiliated to the 'SC First Bank Samsung Card, E-Mart stores across the country over US $ 10,000 won cash back benefits, also returns.

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