Sunday, April 2, 2017

[Seoul motor show] and future cars Another keyword is 'emotional'

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] July 31 by "2017 Seoul Motor Show (hereinafter referred to as the Seoul Motor Show) 'held in KINTEX, Ilsan Motor Show is emphasizing' emotional 'future with the car. Exhibitors are introduced as a future car technology such as autonomous driving, eco-friendly cars at the same time it introduced the style sensibility of the companies only.

◇ Genesis' design is called lifestyle changes. "

Genesis, Toyota, Renault Samsung Motors and Kia Motors, GM Korea, Mercedes Benz, etc. The majority of the exhibitors emphasized the 'emotional' at the Seoul Motor Show.

In particular, Genesis opened its first booth at the Motor Show this said part of the putting emphasis on saying 'element that can change the lives of our customers "for the emotional design. Manfred Fitzgerald, Managing Director Genesis' design is the biggest factor that can change the lifestyle, "said" The Genesis design concept has entered into a partnership in various fields, such as transparency and simplicity, "he said.

He added, "I hope to be through the emotional design Genesys enrich the lifestyle of our customers change." "One of the most important future projects of Genesis is just the design," said he said.

· GM · Kia Motors also Korea, Renault Samsung Motors has highlighted the sensitivity. Park Hanwoo Kia Motors president explained that while public 'Stinger' emblem "sporty and luxurious design, captured the brand of premium pursue the emotional satisfaction that the powerful driving performance, the rear wheel drive-based blend with the conveniences advanced features." James Kim, GM Korea President and CEO Park Donghun Renault Samsung also remarks that "continued efforts will ever release a vehicle that can meet a variety of lifestyles."

Toyota and Mercedes-Benz has spread the distinctive sensibility strategy. Yoshida Architects Hisashi Toyota President "is the best experience available to the Korea Consumer, stability, provides the number one sales service based on the assured confidence, etc." and "it provided the maximum safety and after-sales service will be aimed at the emotional satisfaction of the Korea Consumer "he said. Dimitris Sala Kiss Mercedes-Benz Korea president also "look-Benz After all, even the future strategy of pursuing every time a consumer sensibilities meet oriented strategy," he added.

◇ Seoul Motor Show, opening three days 220,000 people watching

Meanwhile, the Seoul Motor Show hit a three-day opening two days were found to be more than 200,000 attendees. Seoul Motor Show Committee announced that expected to more than 100,000 people have visited more than 90,000 people found an audience in the last one day event, two days. July 31 opening of the first day, the 30,000 people visited the Seoul Motor Show.

This is because it is rwotgi a crowd turnout as a family outing organizers it said. Seoul Motor Show has advocated since the opening of the time "family fun center Motor Show. Gimyonggeun organizing committee at a press conference held last February, "the Seoul Motor Show has a lot to family audiences growing cultural soft Motor Show," he said "Unlike other auto show has established itself as a family outing, experiential space," he has said.

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