Sunday, April 2, 2017

3 May Jehovah domestic oil prices, fell 7.9 won the previous week

March Week of domestic gasoline, diesel price (price per 1L) [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea - fell 7.9 won each of the previous week. The 2nd March 5 weeks gasoline, diesel sales, according to the Korea National Oil Corporation has recorded each won 1496.2, 1286.8 won.

The decline of Hyundai Oil Bank was the largest oil refineries in the gasoline By. Hyundai Oil Bank dropped 8.2 compared to a record last week won (1493.9 won) to 1485.7 won. Followed by SK Energy (1514.5 won, 8.1 won drop) · GS Caltex (1499.2 won, 8.1 won drop) · S-OIL (1488.1 won, down 7.8 won) went down in order in the price.

The diesel was great most of the decline GS Caltex. GS Caltex has gone down 8.2 won to 1290.3 won a record than last week (1298.4 won). Following Hyundai Oil Bank (1275.5 won, 8.1 won drop) · SK Energy (1306.3 won, 8.0 won drop) · S-OIL (1277.7 won, 7.7 won drop) was a net decline in prices.

Korea National Oil Corporation "OPEC production cuts extending discuss the possibility, the US refinery utilization rates recovered, Russia increased the amount of subtraction

Such as the international oil prices were slightly higher. "" But existing harakbun staggered predicted that domestic oil price decline will continue for some time, "according to reflected.

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