Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The open study room No. 55 of Jeonbuk Bank hopes JB

Run [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] JB Financial Group, "the study room No. 55 in the hope JB 'opening ceremony Jeonbuk Bank (Bank imyongtaek) The Dream Tree in the classroom community children's centers located in Jeongeup sintaeineup announced on Monday.

Day opening ceremony, the two Jeonbuk Bank Hyung Jin buhaengjang, gimyongsik Chapter Kunsan Financial Center, goyuntaek Jeongeup City Hall Branch Manager, shi society contributed director, Jeongeup gimsaenggi market, Jeonbuk Community Chest Jeong's secretary general, Dream Tree classroom community children's centers liners party center Zhang attended did.

Dream Tree classroom community children's centers are providing such as for the children who need in May points to sintaeineup one after-school care 2004, tutoring, community connection culture experience programs, discomfort and individuals that children should study, sitting on the floor We need to improve the environment, such as a lack of storage space was chosen to support the target.

Thus, in Jeonbuk Bank to support new desks, chairs, lockers, books, etc. were creating a study room where children can live in a convenient and clean environment, Jeongeup City Hall branch (branch manager goyuntaek) staff hopes of children visiting the center on a regular basis It was to give the mentors.

Since Jeonbuk Bank two Hyung Jin buhaengjang can expect a bright future have grown "children are healthy I think the local children's centers serve as important and constantly expand the Jeonbuk Bank Children Youth regional contribution projects to raise the Dream Tree of the future I will try to get out, "he said.

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