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"3300 won myth Seo Youngpil President, Able C & C stake after the sale is geochwi

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] has become a focus of attention in the geochwi Seo Youngpil President changed to investment companies in the founder Misha and eopyu including 17 years the largest shareholder of Able C & C, which operates brand shops.

Seo Youngpil Able C & C was recently the President and 87% (4,213,730 shares) of the shares owned handed over to the leaf and vine. Leaf and Vine is an advertising subsidiary of Able C & C. But Shem investment firm Venus won the acquired 100% of the leaf and vine, and finally the investment firm Venus won 87% of the stake Seo Youngpil president.

Where to buy a stake in a private equity fund management company Seo IMM Private Equity (PE). IMM PE is conveyed to the company that won the Venus established for the acquisition of Able C & C.

Able C & C said that "whether or not in consultation with the Venus won what the president plans to stand, but the discussions relating to the future elected president continues the president won the Venus side receives after the baton was unspecified in detail," he said.

The largest shareholder was standing president of Able C & C has held a stake of 29.31% from the beginning of April. Able C & C shareholders owning 5% or more of the shares standing president has only the rest was made up of foreigners, institutions, and minority shareholders. Ownership of the president standing in the sale was reduced to 3.77% (637,595 shares).

Some observers have reported that the sale of Able C & C is in fact investment firms as this stake. But Able C & C is a position that "the company means a change in the largest shareholder accurate, not sold." Another explanation is that the president is standing up to the Able C & C shareholders whether to withdraw or transfer the management rights nateu wait and see whether the addition.

The stake president is standing in the pool because of the excessive competition in sales of mid-priced cosmetics brand group hit a plateau.

Seo had entered the cosmetics industry through the online store 'byutinet' in 2000, it was back two years after launching the brand shop 'Misha'. Misha launch early departure cosmetics store sales operations who gathered several existing brands and products, and naesewoomyeo the 'honest price 3,300 won Cosmetics "concept caused a blast.

3300 won Cosmetics plus 10% VAT in 3000 won begat a result of entering Offline 2 years after opening shop 200, the imitation brand Missha also began to emerge shoots Wuhu. Following argue before entering the Amore Pacific, LG Household & Health Care, including large brand shops markets and related markets has grown on a large scale.

But Misha '3300 won myth has never lived. Misha 127 billion in 2006, and in 2007 recorded a deficit of 16 billion won. It had to be shuffled to the restructuring of its employees. In order to promote the overseas expansion of Misha 2007 Seo had to stay in the moment the majority shareholder had returned back to the end of 2007, CEO has conducted a major operation.

Seo was appointed as a model for Kim Hyesu, Lee Byeongheon, etc. to escape the image of Misha affordable luxury oriental line was also expanded. Gyeongyeok aggressive stand of President is also making the 2007 hit 'M Perfect Cover BB Cream', 'M Signature Real Complete BB Cream. After Misha has entered a stable aqueous above the market one brand shops by 2012.

But in 2013 Misha broke ppaeat the top spot in the industry 1 LG Household and Health Care The Face Shop, 2014 milrimyeo far second place Amore Pacific Innisfree is pushed out of the top three industry hit a plateau.

Able C & C's sales in the state, but not escape record 452.2 billion won in 2012, continued after the 400 billion won. Able C & C has recorded sales of 434.6 billion last year, operating profit of 24.3 billion won, which is an increase of 6.5% and 37.3% respectively over the previous year.

Here's one that recently hit the members have also been pointed out as a crisis of Misha. The stake of the President standing in this industry is also observed that according to elicit the growth, such as the move to the industry such as increased competition between overheating and promotional expenses difficult decision.

Meanwhile, Able C & C operates the Misha 750 stores, including 28 eopyu only domestic. Number of stores abroad is 3,000.

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