Monday, April 24, 2017

[2017 Korea Financial Future Forum - Block Chaining · AI · Big Data fourth round of industrial revolution, critical views

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] world geoseda the 4th wave of the industrial revolution. South Korea will hold a financial newspaper next month, 23 days on the '2017 Korea Financial Forum for the Future "as part of Korea to revive the economy losing vitality to actively respond to the new wave of change.

Korea's financial future day forum opening film of the barn imjongryong Finance Chairman proceeds keynote lecture Hyeon Jeongtaek the Economic Policy Institute the "4th industrial Revolution our countermeasures. The keynote address will discuss how to do the domestic financial industry, corresponding to the 4th flow of the industrial revolution came up to challenges. Also, to keep pace with rapidly changing era situation is expected to present a road and Countermeasures businesses get through.

The first session will proceed with the theme of a presentation on the 4th Industrial Revolution our countermeasures in this forum. Each sector financial industry representatives gathered together in one place to discuss the fourth round of industrial revolution blowing in the industry.

The first yusangsu Samil 1 topic deputy to lecture on the subject "Management Strategies for the fourth round of industrial revolution and enhance corporate value. Yusangsu representatives presented the future financial industry that go beyond the existing paradigm of the new industry-oriented enterprise focused reorganization described in this spot. Following the lecture unfolds against South Korea Block Block Chaining revolution in the KU professor in charge of the chain ho President of the society is actively introduced into the pan with the financial presentation on "financial revolution of the block-based chain. The block chain is an IT technology that is based on the P2P system in the form of one after another connection (chain) bar the block (block) the encrypted transaction information to the virtual currency. Among which recently launched a banking and securities, insurance industry, such as utilizing the block chain technology and services in various fields seeking to improve efficiency is expected to notch focuses on dealing with the changes in the future that can be called "revolution".

Korea Lee Seonghwan Korea University professor in charge of the AI ​​President of the society will discuss the "production revolution with AI '. AI (artificial intelligence) that can be called quaternary future of the industrial revolution is expected to bring a lot of changes throughout the financial industry. In the immediate neighbors Japan Chugoku life insurer after determining the AI ​​system and the introduction of 200 million yen was spent to build the system. The annual management fee is about 15 million yen is expected gotta be a reduction in annual labor costs 100,004,000 yen AI investment comes calculations are possible within the recovered 2 years. Professor Lee Seonghwan As such plans beyond the limits of human conduct in-depth presentation on the AI ​​era, called the production revolution.

Chapter ryugeungwan Seoul National Economic Research Institute for a lecture on 'Smart Application of Big Data' deals with the 4th Industrial Revolution tightly happens in our lives. It is the core of future financial industry analyzing the accumulated data to the big machine learning technology to provide services to meet the needs of the people. According to market research firm IDC seems to be global, and big data analytics market this year will be the time to present the insight of future financial industry, which is expected to exceed 150 billion US dollars in size.

Lee Changmok NH Investment & Securities Division is placed within the last topic in view of the way to go about changing investment market and investors in the future through the "4th industrial Revolution investment market changes and countermeasures' keynote address. Is expected to launch a deeper depth lecture discusses whether the company that year transformed into a technology center in the pool of investment-oriented enterprises existing value should I respond.

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